Carradine and obama and Cairo


David Carradine’s death photo published in the Thai newspaper, without his family’s permission… begs the question… how insensitive are the Thai media to other people’s grief.

Let’s hope the Thai government introduces some laws ensuring the Thai media can’t do this again. It’s diplorable, and makes visitors to Thailand, think twice about going there.

Know what I mean?!


Thailand newspaper Thai Rath has published the alleged David Carradine death photo (above).

0 responses so far ↓David CarradineAs if they weren’t dealing with enough — the family of David Carradine is now “profoundly disturbed” by the publication of a photo that appears to be Carradine hanging in his hotel room.

The photo — which Thai police believe was taken by the forensics team — appeared on the cover of a Thai tabloid called “Thai Rath.” The photo shows a naked body suspended from a bar in the closet, with his hands


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