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    What 35 Looks Like: We Compare Three Celebs

    by Marissa Gold (Subscribe to Marissa Gold’s posts), Posted Mar 22nd 2010 at 5:15PM

    This is a post

    Kate Gosselin, Fergie, and Eva Longoria are all 35 years old. Photos: Getty Images

    What does 35 look like?

    A few wrinkles? A little sun damage?

    Does it look like Kate Gosselin? Fergie? Eva Longoria? It may be hard to believe they’re the same age, but all three stars celebrate their 35th birthday this month.

    We asked a personal trainer, an image expert, and a plastic surgeon to weigh in on what caused each of these three women to look older or younger for her age.


    The Plastic Surgeon Says: “Kate has more wrinkles, and her skin is not quite as smooth as either Fergie’s or Eva’s,” says Dr. Anthony Youn, M.D., a facial plastic surgeon. “While I’m sure Kate is by no means poor, she probably doesn’t have the money or the time (due to having to care for so many kids on her own!) to undergo skin rejuvenating treatments like Fergie and Eva likely do,” says Dr. Youn.

    And then there are the obvious physical effects pregnancy has on the body. “Kate’s weight has roller-coastered as a result of having so many children, causing her to have more stretched out skin than either Fergie or Eva,” Dr. Youn adds. While Gosselin was lucky enough to have a gratis tummy tuck, she still has areas where the skin is slightly less elastic than before she had children.

    The Personal Trainer Says: “Kate began her new ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ regimen and is probably now in the best shape of her life,” says Sara Haley, celebrity personal trainer and Reebok Global Instructor. “Nevertheless, eight children and a messy marriage have had its toll on her body, hence the tired eyes, loose skin around the face and neck due to the loss of elasticity and too much tanning.”

    The Image Expert Says: “Granted, for having eight kids, she looks great,” adds Charla Krupp, author of How Not to Look Old and How to Never Look Fat Again. “But stress affects every cell in your body, and taking care of kids leaves you with a lack of energy and less time to put toward your own appearance.”

    And never underestimate the power of hair and makeup: “Kate’s hair is dated, and she wears too much shiny makeup,” observes Krupp. “Once you start to get lines and wrinkles, its best to avoid products with shine as they only draw attention to what you’re trying to hide, and it’s not age-appropriate.” Brows are also important: “Kate’s brows are weak and too thin — a natural sign of aging,” says Krupp. A fuller brow might have a more youthful effect on her entire face.

    Aging Factors: Stress, children, lack of time, lack of money, shiny makeup, dated hair, thin brows


    The Personal Trainer Says: “At age 35, the upper body muscle tone, particularly the triceps and back becomes harder to maintain, cellulite becomes more apparent on the lower half, and unfortunately even the face and neck begin to lose elasticity (giving the appearance of baggy skin),” says Haley. “But Eva Longoria looks like she hasn’t aged a day past 30.”

    “Eva is a former aerobics instructor and has a degree in Kinesiology, so fitness has always been a part of her life,” says Haley. “Her anti-aging trick might be nothing other than eating healthy and living an active lifestyle.”

    The Image Expert Says: “She’s very modern-looking,” adds Krupp. “She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, which helps her looks younger. Her teeth are very white (probably veneers) which helps promote an overall youthful appearance. She has firm skin, which many stars achieve by using Botox to get rid of wrinkles, along with Restylane and Juvederm to fill in lines around the mouth. The Fraxel laser is also a great way to smooth out skin at the dermatologist… but you can also help your skin look younger with great skincare products, and a good primer,” Krupp says.

    Aging Factors: None!


    The Image Expert Says: “Fergie looks amazing! She has long hair — that really helps keep you looking younger as you age. Her brows are also very well-defined, which helps pick up her face. She wears light lipstick, which is youthful. And she has nice long lashes, but not a lot of other makeup,” Krupp notes.

    But Krupp does have one small suggestion: “Fergie wears a middle part, and I think she’d look a little younger with a side part, and maybe some bangs. As women get older, it’s a good idea to not show a lot of forehead, because you’re getting lines and wrinkles there, so the side-swept bangs help hide that.”

    The Plastic Surgeon Says: “I would bet the farm that both Fergie and Eva keep their skin youthful by undergoing transformative treatments at their doctors’ offices, says Dr. Youn. “Some of the more popular treatments among celebrities are Syneron’s Sublative Rejuvenation by eMatrix, in addition to high quality medical-grade skin care products.”

    So, has Fergie had any nips and tucks? “A little Botox here and there may also be helping her look young,” Dr. Youn suspects.

    The Personal Trainer Says: “Fergie’s body has fluctuated over the years depending on her work and personal life [Fergie is an admitted former Meth user],” says Haley. “She put on weight most recently for her role in the movie “Nine,” and then quickly had to take it off again to go back on tour with the Black Eyed Peas, which she accomplished. Plus, dancing on stage all night keeps her body in great shape.” Still, Haley believes Fergie is not the youngest-looking for the bunch, noting “Fergie’s years of drug use may have furthered along her aging process, leaving her looking closer to 40 than 30.”

    Aging Factors: Middle part, past drug use

    Who do you think looks the youngest? What do you do to stay young — or do you embrace the aging process? Leave a comment and let us know.

    All three women look great, but lifestyle changes have caused subtle differences. Photos: Splash News

    For more celeb fitness tips, visit AOL’s That’s Fit, and check out Stars with Too Much Plastic Surgery from The Frisky.

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