brooklyn decker – by george youssef

Photo: Brooklyn Decker’s Beach Bod Sizzles in Miami

By Katelyn Mullen  Posted Mar 28th 2011 06:30PM


brooklyn deckerMiami Beach sizzled last week when Brooklyn Decker spent some time showing off her bikini body.

The model-turned-actress shed her long locks and debuted her short ‘do last week via Twitter. Perhaps the drastic hairstyle change could be an effort to separate herself further from her modeling past and help kick start her acting career. Decker hit the big screen for the first time earlier this year, starring in Adam Sandler’s flick, ‘Just Go With It.’

The former Sports Illustrated cover girl is down in the Sunshine State watching her husband, professional tennis player Andy Roddick, compete in the Sony Ericsson Open. The pair were married back in April 2009.

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Jenni “JWOWW” Farley, got her tan on as she laid out pool-side at her hotel in Miami, Florida on March 21st.
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