The International Monetary Fund – IMF, and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development are coming under increasingly harsh criticism for a bad plan on the impact on the environment. Both are responsible for putting operations that are not environmentally savvy. The UN environment program was created in the Conference on human environment that was held under the sponsorship of the UN. In 1992, the UN held the conference of environment and development and established the UN commission on Sustainable Develpment and the Rio Declaration labelled agenda 21. This was in Brazil, and it was maintained under the leadership of Canada. It is to be noted that in 2008, the daily oil production from Alberta tar sands exceeded one million barrels at the expense of the environment and the living creatures in the area.

Many state actors are involved in ecopolitics, which makes it a complicated theme. The Kyoto Treaty is an example of this. It is a treaty about climate change, and it was signed after negotiations in 1997, but Canada never honoured its commitment to the treaty. This is due to the rejection of Kyoto on the part of provincial governments that, under the constitution, have the authority to change things to implement the treaty. These provincial governments obviously did not do what they had to do, and Canada was never able to meet the demands of Kyoto to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by six percent from its 1990 levels.


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