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by Yvonne Yorke, Posted Apr 27th 2011 9:49AM


royal wedding honeymoon seychelles
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Another day, another royal honeymoon destination rumor. In addition to Jordan, Kenya, Mustique, Necker Island and the Scilly Isles, there has also been talk of places as far-flung as Corfu, Croatia, Barbuda, Nepal, and even Tonga. At this rate, you might as well just throw a dart at a world map! A couple of these locations are April Fool’s hoaxes, and I’m sure more than a few are deliberate false leads set up by the William and Catherine to throw off the press.

However, there’s one more destination that might actually have some legs — sea legs that is. There’s a rumor circulating that the royal couple will honeymoon on Desroches or the North Island in the Seychelles, 930 miles off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Both islands offer secluded, pristine beaches and luxury villas fit for royalty. Desroches Island has an encircling coral reef which would appeal to the scuba diving-and snorkel-loving William.

Mind you, this is not exactly a cost-conscious option, with all the talk of an “austerity” wedding, especially if they book up Desroches’ only luxury resort, or all 11 villas on North Island to ensure complete privacy. However, William has been known for grand romantic gestures. In 2009, he treated Catherine to a lavish ski holiday in Klosters and splurged on a $64,000-a-week (£40,000) chalet with a private cook and butler.

So what makes the Seychelles a not-so-far-fetched contender as the honeymoon destination? First of all, the royal lovebirds have holidayed at Desroches Island before — rejuvenating their romance after a brief split in 2007. It also helps that the island is not that easy to get to, and flight access to Desroches is restricted to a single airstrip — making it easy to monitor who arrives on the island, such as the world’s media.

Secondly, aside from safaris and ski trips, both William and Catherine love tropical beach destinations and have vacationed at warm-weather islands everywhere from Mustique to Ibiza. So the chances that they will choose a sunny honeymoon spot before returning to blustery North Wales, where William is stationed as a RAF search and rescue pilot, is quite high. As an added bonus, it will also be a brilliant public relations move for the future king and queen, who are the future of the British monarchy, to spend part of their honeymoon in a Commonwealth country. Guess what? Seychelles just happens to be part of the Commonwealth.

Many media outlets have asked me what I think will be included in Catherine’s honeymoon trousseau. No matter where they go, I’m willing to bet that it will feature bikinis and beachwear!

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